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Financing a sustainable future for homeowners nationwide, Sungage Financial was founded by someone who went solar and wanted to make it better for the next person.

In early 2011, Sungage Financial launched the nation's first online solar loan designed specifically for residential projects.

We focus exclusively on providing our installer partners and homeowners with seamless, efficient, and highly-supported financing options for solar energy and storage.

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In 2009, Sungage Co-Founder Sara Ross was exploring options for installing solar on her roof. The opportunity to save money was clear. However, the path forward in terms of financing options was murky for her as a homeowner and for the local solar installer. Her local bank didn’t understand solar. She didn’t have enough equity (or time) to take out a second mortgage. And a solar lease wasn’t appealing since she’d forfeit most of the value and give up control to a third party.

Sara was looking for an easy way to finance the purchase of a solar energy system, but it didn’t exist. So, she set out to fill the void by providing a financing solution that installers could use to help other homeowners just like her.

Partnering with her solar installer, she began lending out her daughter’s college savings fund to their customers – other local homeowners who wanted to go solar. When the idea for a solar loan proved popular, she proceeded to build a business that bridged the gap between homeowners, installers, and financial institutions.

Since those early days, Sungage Financial has continued to grow but our focus remains the same: delivering consumer-friendly financing options for our installation partners. In her current role as a board member, Sara continues to be a voice guiding Sungage’s direction and contribution to the clean energy transition while also connecting us to our roots.
Sara Ross, Sungage Financial Co-Founder

Opportunities to Join the Sungage Team

Who We Are

We are solar finance innovators who are passionate about building a more affordable, sustainable, and enjoyable path to solar ownership for as many homeowners as possible.

Why Work at Sungage?

From generous benefits to frequent community-building events to our employee Inclusion Working Group to our monthly employee Happiness Survey, we believe that creating a great culture and treating our people right is essential to a thriving, successful business.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that embracing diversity is essential to becoming the best version of ourselves. With each new voice that joins our team, each new partner that joins our network, and every homeowner that we help achieve the benefits of renewable energy, our community becomes that much stronger. Our leadership is committed to expressing that inclusive vision in everything that we do, and not compromising our values on the road to success.

Every day we strive to care for and empower each other as we advance towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

If you are an installer, that means having the support of a finance partner that listens to your needs and provides a product that is constantly innovating based on your feedback.

If you are a homeowner, that means working with the most customer-friendly solar financing company in the industry, one that provides fair products to borrowers who will benefit from them, and communicates in a transparent, helpful, and respectful manner.

If you are an employee, that means being part of a kind and collaborative culture that thrives on incorporating your input, encouraging you to be your unique self, and maximizing your potential.

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