Your solar finance specialist is dedicated to helping you realize the full financial and environmental benefits of solar ownership.

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Sungage provides homeowners with consumer-friendly financing options to go solar and save more money.

We offer whole project funding, including solar, battery storage, and roof work — with no fees, no appraisals, and no home equity requirements.

With our soft credit inquiry, applying will not have a negative impact on your credit score.

Why Sungage?

We make it simple. Homeowners choose Sungage because we make it quick and easy to get financing and get on with your life!


We’ve set the standard for consumer-friendly finance products. Built for you, built for solar.


Complete a simple online application and get a credit decision in seconds with no impact to your credit score.

Customer Service

We’re here to answer all your questions on the dollars and cents of going solar.

How It Works

Design It

A Sungage Partner Installer will design a system that is right for your home and give you a detailed proposal to show how much you can save by going solar.

Your solar system is an investment, and we want it to be right for you. Give us a call and our unconditionally friendly customer service team will go over all the numbers with you.

Get Approved

Your installer will provide you with a link to a secure, online credit application.

The brief application will take less than five minutes to complete and you’ll be notified of a decision on the spot.

Install It

Your installer will file for all permits, order equipment, install the system, and organize all inspections.

When the system is installed, payment will be released to your installer.

Pay It Back

We do our best to make going solar fit your budget and to help you save money along the way.

You can use these savings and proceeds from any solar incentives to pay back the money you’ve borrowed.

Success Stories

Hear what our clients have to say

When I built this house I assumed we would install solar hot water. Twenty years later, solar panels made more sense. Sungage made it possible to pull it off.

Jim Picardi
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It’s great to have people randomly tell you that what you’re doing is important. Everyone should have solar on their roof. Sungage offered us a way to get there.

Pat DeAngelis
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Everyone wants to know "does it pay for itself?" I say yes. The numbers are there.

Matt Russo
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Sungage was easy to use and I’m so excited to have solar panels in my small attempt to assist in preventing global warming.

Maureen Trevino

Homeowner FAQs

Is Sungage Financial a bank?
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No, Sungage Financial connects homeowners with financing to make solar easy and affordable. Sungage doesn’t lease systems. We believe in ownership and saving homeowners the most we can.
How do I get started?
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Just contact us and we’ll match you with an installer in your neighborhood.
How do I find a Sungage installer partner?
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Finding a Sungage solar installer partner in your area is easy.  Just fill out the Ready to Go Solar form below to connect with installer partners in your area.
How much money do I need to put down?
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No down payment is required.
Are there any pre-payment penalties?
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The borrower may pre-pay the loan at any time with no penalty.
Is this a secure or unsecured loan?
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This is a secure loan, secured by the solar equipment. No lien is taken on the home, but there will be a lien recorded in the real property registry on the newly installed solar energy system.
Can I finance my roof replacement?
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Yes, you can finance the roof replacement if it is part of the solar system installation. Learn more about financing roofs for solar.
Can I finance battery storage?
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Yes, battery storage can be financed as a part of a solar system installation or as a standalone battery. Click here to learn more about financing battery storage.
What if I refinance my home? Are there options for the handling of my solar loan?
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Yes, if you are refinancing or entering into a new mortgage on your existing home, there are two options for handling your solar loan. Be sure to allow 3-4 weeks for processing, whichever option you choose. Option 1 is to pay off the solar loan with the proceeds of the new mortgage. The payoff amount can be obtained by email: SolarTransfer@nbtbank.com. There is no associated fee.

Option 2, a subordination of your solar loan to your new lender is available, requiring your lender or title company to interact directly with NBT Bank to execute the subordination agreement at solarucc@nbtbank.com. This will keep your solar loan in place and will allow your refinance to proceed. There is a $250 associated fee for filing the appropriate information with the registry of deeds in the localities. For more information visit: https://www.nbtbank.com/Personal/Products-And-Services/Personal-Loans/Solar-Loans

Ready to Go Solar?

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Sungage Financial’s limited vetting process for approving solar installation partners is not a substitute for your own independent evaluation of a contractor’s qualifications, and Sungage Financial does not endorse any contractor, product, or equipment manufacturer. Sungage Financial shall not be liable in any manner for any damages whatsoever (including incidental or consequential damages) that may result from any information in a proposal or any contractor’s provision of solar installation services.

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