The Russo Family

"I’m the kind of person who likes to reduce our monthly operating costs. I think of my home like a business."

System Specs


South Deerfield, MA

System Size

9.03 kW

Estimated Annual Production

10,974 kWH

Estimated ROI


Their Sungage Story

Matt Russo had been thinking about going solar for several reasons.

“I was talking to a friend of mine about how much we hate being held hostage to other countries for the price of oil. I said ‘I am doing something about it; I’m putting a solar system in my house….it’s also good for the environment. I have a 7-year-old daughter so it’s important for her as well. I like to teach her ‘leave it as nice as you find it.’”

Matt discovered Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics at a home show and was highly satisfied with his experience.

“We had lots of questions, like ‘how much is too much?’ Jon worked with us on our goals. We wanted to make enough to meet the demands we had, which included our hot tub and A/C.”

Owning his panels was important to Matt.

“I know that there are some companies that would put a system on my roof for a lot less if I leased. I leased my last car. But this isn’t a car. This is attached to my house and it’s going to last more than a car, more than 3-5 years.”

Sungage provided the Russo Family with the opportunity to own their solar panels from day one.

“I had just refinanced my home the year before and taken out a home equity loan. I asked Jon about financing options and he introduced us to Sungage.”

Matt also appreciated all of the added value that Sungage provided.

“Everything with Sungage was simple, easy and clear. Sara sat with us for every page, walked us through all of the legal stuff. Sungage filled out forms, made it as simple as possible, and gave me reminders for the paperwork.

“Everyone wants to know ‘does it pay for itself?’ I say yes. The numbers are there.

“Over one year after installing, we still have a credit and I have not had to pay my utility. My neighbor was complaining about his rates going up, I smiled and explained that as long as we had sunshine, I wouldn’t have to worry about that.”

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