Sungage Integrates Into Design Tools You May Already Use

Integrated financing within solar design and proposal tools has taken off in the last few years. More and more, residential solar installers are looking for frictionless sales experiences where the homeowner financing application is built into the design tools they’re already using. This eliminates switching between multiple applications and re-entering data to build holistic sales proposals so installers can focus on closing more residential solar deals. 

Meanwhile, homeowners expect a seamless customer experience and accurate proposals to help them envision their solar and storage needs, understand their utility savings and their financial obligation, and more. That’s where integrated Sungage financing comes in.

OpenSolar–Sungage Integration

OpenSolar is the world's fastest and most accurate solar design and sales tool that provides flexible and dynamic sales proposals for your customers. Onboarding solar sales teams with OpenSolar is fast and easy, and the entire platform is free

They offer:
  • Completely customizable, interactive proposals
  • A built-in CRM with custom roles and permissions for managing projects from lead to installation
  • Dedicated U.S. support team to assist with onboarding and beyond

Check out the demo below:

Enerflo–Sungage Integration

Enerflo is a true open platform that connects your favorite tools together and creates efficiencies from lead to PTO.

They offer:
  • Comprehensive integration offerings with the project management, proposal, and various tools you might already use
  • Docflo, a proprietary document signing all in one place 
  • Custom project management and customer engagement features to keep things moving

Sungage is a Tier 1 lender on the platform, meaning you can get the most out of all our integration has to offer. Visit Enerflo to learn more. or check out the integration demo below in this webinar.

Aurora–Sungage Integration

Aurora Solar is a cloud-based solar sales and design platform creating a future of solar for all. With industry-leading accuracy and AI tools, Aurora empowers every team to deliver better designs, faster.

They offer:
  • NREL-validated accuracy for PV system design, shading, and energy production
  • AI-assisted designs, advanced storage modeling, plan set services, and lead acquisition tools
  • A customizable proposal solution with interactive selling tools to mobilize your dealer network

Configuring Sungage within Aurora is easy. Visit their Help Center for more information.

Solo–Sungage Integration

Solo helps installers take their solar designs and proposals to the next level and boost customer conversion rates by up to 15%. With Solo, installers can generate proposals in as little as 15 minutes – and tailor them to each homeowner on the fly to help drive in-home sales. 

They offer:
  • The industry’s most comprehensive utility database
  • One-click signing to automate the closing process
  • CAD and certified engineering documentation as quickly as 24 hours

Watch the brief demo below:

I’m Ready! How Do I Get Started?

Activating Sungage financing within our available integrations is easy. If you are already Sungage-certified, just contact your Sungage Account Manager to get started.

For those who are not yet partnered with Sungage, select from the following forms to start the certification and integration process:

More About Our Solar Financing Integration Partners

OpenSolar is a global solar software technology company that created the world’s first free-of-charge solar design, sales, and management platform. Used widely across the U.S. and in over 130 countries, the software provides class-leading solar design accuracy, interactive custom proposals, and end-to-end tools to manage and grow your solar business all in one place. With 100+ partners integrated into the platform, solar professionals can easily access their preferred products and services as they wish to accelerate their success. Learn more:


Enerflo is the only lead to PTO, open API solar platform that also cuts soft costs and project duration through tech consolidation, data centralization, and process efficiencies. Purpose-built for residential solar installers, EPCs, and sales dealers, Enerflo helps these organizations deploy more solar and related services through sales and business process automation. Installers rely on multiple tools from lead to install; Enerflo connects them with native platform features into one, cohesive sales and install platform. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA, with another office in Provo, UT, and a distributed workforce across the continental U.S., Enerflo currently serves partners across North America. Learn more:


Aurora is creating a future of solar for all. The company is putting the power of data and technology into the hands of every solar professional to make solar adoption simple and predictable. The cloud-based platform uses data, automation, and AI to streamline workflows and grow solar businesses faster. More than 7,000 of the industry’s top organizations rely on Aurora and over 10 million solar projects have been designed with the platform globally. The San Francisco-based company was the only climate tech business named to the 2022 Forbes AI 50 and was voted the best solar software by Solar Power World in 2021. Learn more:


Solo is the market-leading provider of solar sales design software, serving installers, EPC partners, and sales groups of any size for the solar industry in the U.S. Solo has helped over 10,000 contractors across the country to optimize their operations and close more deals. To date, over $200B in solar designs and proposals have been performed within Solo’s software, saving an estimated 150,000 hours of work. Solo continues to grow through the release of new technology, partnerships, and integrations, all designed to empower contractors in the renewable energy movement and help homeowners throughout the country switch to solar. Learn more: